If you haven't seen my first post, then hi!

My name is Kyia, middle name Belle. I am here to talk about what it truly feels like to be a teenage girl- whether that be by rambling on about my thoughts, opinions, photography, life and beauty (of course), whilst having my main focus be on life-related topics.

Consider this blog as a safe spot- for you and myself alike, to discuss things we are too afraid to say out loud, or things that have been stuck in our minds a little too long. We can even go off topic a bit! This is where we can be completely real and 100% ourselves.

I, for one, would never consider myself as a perfect person. Both my best friends call me "awkward and weird, but so nice" (I asked them, haha!), which pretty much sums it up.

I have many hobbies including drawing (occasionally), reading, knitting, long boarding, basketball and volleyball to name a few. Almost all of my friends do things outside of school, and then there's me. Stay at home, watches Youtube, goes on Pinterest for hours, sometimes goes to park to play ball...

Oh, and I love taking photos. I find it so amazing how we can "teleport" ourselves back to that memory we've decided to capture. A beautiful sunset, thick vanilla frosting, that one slumber party... You get the idea. Expect seeing a lot of those on here, too.

And we can all talk together, without worrying about whatever is going on in life. I'm going to keep it real on this blog, and I want you to join me (whoever you are!)!

See you around!

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