Why Is It so Hard to Open up to Someone?

Guess who hasn't completely disappeared off the face of the earth? ME. I took your guys' advice to log off from social media for as long as I needed, and I did. I can't really remember how long I was gone for, but hopefully, not too long that you forgot I existed, haha.

I'll link some of my favorite posts here for you if you'd like to briefly catch up with me (these posts are ABSOLUTE GEMS, BTW).

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I find it funny how some days it's so easy to let your thoughts and feelings erupt out of you like a soda bottle (I know I use this analogy a lot but please bare with me, haha!)

On these kinds of days you just... Explode. It's like letting someone open you up like a gift, carefully unwrapping the paper so that whatever is found inside, doesn't get ruined. And sometimes what they find inside is a surprise, and sometimes it's expected.

Sometimes they keep the gift, and sometimes it's tossed away or shunned the minute the party's over.

Most people deal with surprises differently, which is kind of why I think it's difficult to completely open up to someone.

They want to know what's inside, but you don't know how they'll react or if they'll still want to keep you around afterward. On the other hand, some days you feel so bottled up that no matter how badly you want that lid to come off, it just doesn't.

So, you don't open up.

And it KILLS YOU, that they won't understand how you feel until you tell them, but you're afraid.

Afraid of taking the risk that the soda could overflow with bubbles and make a mess, so you keep the lid shut, but the opposite reaction occurs and everything you want to say is still there.

I read this one quote somewhere, and you can trust me when I say that it's true: "Short-term pain is long-term gain."

Not too long ago I was stuck in that situation- even though my close friend and I have established so much trust between each other, it was still difficult opening up to him personally. It was a hard thing to do, I'm not going to lie, but he understood me.

And it felt so reassuring to realize that everyone is kind of at their own place in life dealing with their own things, that the right people will, in fact, listen to what you have to say and continue to support you 110%.

Have you ever felt the same way as me?

How did the other person react when you DID open up to them?

I'd love to hear your stories in the comments below.

PS. How happy are you that I'm back?! I'm honestly so so so happy and I can't wait to post more photographs- I think I'm getting better, haha! Those candid, laughing shots are my favourite to take and look back on :)

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