Be the Reason Someone Smiles

If you're a consistent reader of mine, you're probably getting tired of hearing me ramble on about my friends all the time. So let's start this post with me saying, I'm sorry! *I say, as I continue to talk about friendships anyway, haha*

But real talk. Friendship is really something special to me, even if it doesn't last as long as we hope it does. I feel like anyone's friendship can go one of two ways:

1. Remain inseparable no matter what OR
2. Where you think you're going to remain inseparable but really it's quite the opposite

I've experienced it both ways, as I've stated previously in these posts, Jumping Online to Offline & Broken Friendships and Caught in a Whirlwind of Emotions.

But, guys. I don't know whether it's the warmer weather (roughly 15-20*C um what?! Summer is that you?) or the fact that I just notice a lot of things, but karma has been treating me really well.

Not that I'm a firm believer in that kind of stuff, but I do believe that the good you put into the world definitely comes back around at some point in your life.

I've noticed that the more I compliment people spontaneously, whether I know who they are or not, the better I feel about myself. And that's not only because those said people are returning the favour, but because happiness spreads from one person to the next.

aka. I'm secretly building an army of positive and optimistic people who will one day take over the universe.

Here are a few things you can do to be the reason someone smiles:

1. Support smaller bloggers; they're working hard.
2. Leave a nice comment; put in the effort.
3. Complement someone; it'll make their day.
4. Laugh at the confusion; worrying won't matter in the long run.
5. Push through your fears; it opens up possibilities.
6. Simply be lovely despite how disapproving some people can be.

Now I have something I want all of you to do.

Comment down below at least one thing you can do to make someone smile... And it can be as simple or as creative as you want!

I'd love to see the kinds of things you guys come up with.

"Smile and let the world wonder why." -Unknown

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