The Ultimate Blog Post Checklist

Ever since I've established my motive for blogging, I don't think blogging could be any easier. (aaand that still means there is no set blogging schedule, sorry!) As I type this out, there is a waiting list of 4 other posts I can't wait to finish and photograph for!

You can read the post called How to Write the Blog You Want to Read, HERE.

The other night my mind went some sort of organize-crazy and produced this list of things to do before posting a new blog post. Considering just how often I was referring back to it, I felt it was only right to share it with you guys who also have a blog, as you might benefit from this.

Just drag the checklist below to your desktop or save it on your mobile:

☐  read the post aloud at least once
☐  paragraphed, aligned, and spaced according to your blog layout
☐  a question or final statement to increase your engagement
☐  at least one link to another post
☐  spell & grammar check
☐  make sure your topic is focused

  taken & uploaded
  pin your images to Pinterest
  edited & sized accordingly to your blog layout
  add a relevant file name (like blog-post-checklist, instead of 2017-04-11 16.27.32)

  make sure your title is attention-grabbing
  tags should be relevant to the post
  add a break line so that the "read more" button shows up, and your posts don't clog your home page

  include a disclaimer
  add a link to the company's website
  maximize your exposure/ promotion by sharing that post on every social media platform you have

  reply to any comments
  record post stats & monthly goals (totally optional, but a good tip if you want to keep track)

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