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10 Reasons Why it's Hard to Accept Ourselves

 Hey guys!

I'm not too sure how to start this off, but I haven't really felt myself lately. It's like my mind a shaken can of Coke, ready to burst and let everything it's got bottled up inside of it, out. Well, that's how I feel right now. Like I have so much I want to say, fizzing up inside of me, but don't have the confidence to say it out loud.

When I was little, I attempted to write a journal (the word "diary" to me just doesn't sound right). I haven't ever been the best at writing, and still to this day it's hard for me to put my thoughts into words. Most of the time, one of my entries ended up something like this:

Should You Have A Happy Place?

I've Got A Sugar Crush

Since you guys seemed to really love my review on the COlab Dry Shampoo, I'd thought I would take the plunge a little deeper and review another product that has been a staple of mine. And this time it's a Soap & Glory beaut!

Product review: Soap & Glory "Sugar Crush" Body Wash

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