A Memory From Scent

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you've probably read my 25 Facts About Me post! Being a lifestyle blogger, my initial goal is to share my life and my thoughts with you guys, whether that be through tips I've learned or though stories about my embarrassing moments.

I love incorporating my memories from when I was little into my posts as I feel it gives my blog that little personal touch.

A Tea Obsession | Davids Tea

I'll admit- I'm kind of a tea freak. There's just something about that steamy cup of tea on a chilly morning that makes everything seem so reassuring, not to mention delicious. David's tea has always been a hands-down favourite of mine, as they have a huge array of teas to choose from, as well as new ranges that come out every season. Today I've decided to share with you some of my most loved teas this spring.

Let's Pause for a Minute

Hey guys!

After a long and rainy month, I can now officially say happy summer! And I hope that where ever you are in the world, that you're going to have a great one.

It's that time of the year to discard our study notes, and welcome the sunny rays with open arms (and quite literally, too). I feel like in our everyday lives, our mindset is always go-go-go, never really coming to a complete stop. Even when we unwind; take a steamy bubble bath, read a novel, do a hobby, go online, we are still doing something. It might not seem that way, but we are.

Not All Friends Are The Same

All of your guy's comments on the #DREAM BIGGER LIST PROJECT are all so sweet. I never realized how many people truly understand me, as well as enjoy posts on my blog. On our blog!

And that makes me feel so happy.

And that, actually, even though I sometimes feel as if I'm the only person who has friend "complications", I'm not. And it's totally okay to lose friends who you used to be close with. So, I just want to say thank you for being so honest with me- I'm very grateful to have all of you :)


Hey guys!

All of your lovely comments on my previous post Finding Balance are seriously making me smile- you have no idea how meaningful each one is to me. The little things you write are always uplifting and positive, which is the main reason I write this blog. To spread positivity.

This tag was created by the ever-so-gorgeous Rachel from her blog, Dream Create Do. The #DREAM BIGGER LIST PROJECT is based around themed questions that intentionally motivate and inspire you to become a better you, one question at a time. (Plus, I'm in love with the things she writes, as they send such bright and optimistic vibes. So definitely check her out!)

Finding Balance

So, I try to keep this blog a happy and positive place on the internet, but life gets in the way at times. And sometimes things can get stressful and overwhelming, leaving your mind in a chaotic mess of what needs be accomplished, and what you actually want to do (looking at you, Pinterest...).

Most of you probably remember my previous posts on weighing out Quality Over Quantity & "Grey Days" & Not Giving Up). Both posts mention finding harmony between 2 things- which can be hard to do!

The Secret to Softer Skin | Coffee Scrubs

Hey guys!

I'm sure we've all spent a ridiculous amount of money on body and facial scrubs at some point. There have been scrubs that made my skin bright red and irritated, leaving me itching all over the place, as well as ones that smooth out your skin so nicely, you don't need to apply cream on afterwards. The only downfall is that every product that has benefited my skin, has been either pricey or hard to get a hold of.

This is a recent discovery for me, and coffee grounds are my life savers.

A Guide to Staying Motivated

"the harder you work for something, the greater you'll feel when you achieve it"

With summer just around the corner, it can be difficult, not to mention frustrating, to stay motivated. I know I've been struggling to keep my head in the game, as I can feel myself slacking off at any opportunity. Who wants to spend a beautiful, sunny day locked indoors, because you didn't accomplish what you wanted to do the day before? So, I'm going to quit idling around on Twitter, and pull myself back on my feet.

Hallway Of Doom

Hey guys!

Wow you all are amazing. I've just been reading your comments on my last post 4 Ways To Wake Up Happy, and they're making me so glad to hear that my tips are helping you out! That aside, I wanted to chat about my little incident that happened at school the other day.

Now, I'm not normally the one to get embarrassed.

4 Ways To Wake Up Happy

Oh I know. Mornings can be tough, especially when you're waking up to annoying alarms or kitty paws on your face. It's like everyday I have to decide between the warm, comfiness of my duvet and going out and having a social life. And if you're anything like me, getting ready can take about 2 hours- IF you like to leave everything to the last minute. So is it possible to wake up early and still be positive, when you feel like snuggling back down under and pulling a pillow over your head?

Here are 4 ways to wake up happier!

On The Shelf

I've always loved books. They're my go-to if I'm ever having a down day, or if I just want to escape and lose time. Over the years my taste in novels have definitely changed, starting from my beloved Rainbow Magic series, changing to more meaningful life-related ones. Here are my thoughts on a few books I have been obsessed with.

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